Acting and How To Be Good At It


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Acting and How To Be Good At It

In Acting and How to Be Good at It and Acting and How to Be Good at It: The Second Edition, noted character actor and acting coach Basil Hoffman has written a compelling, practical analysis of the actor’s craft.

His unique questions-and-answers approach covers every aspect of professional acting, with behind-the-scenes anecdotes from his own experience and from the careers of the greatest actors, directors and writers of stage and screen.

This is a valuable textbook, not only for actors, but for anyone who wants to gain a better appreciation of the actor’s work in an easily understandable and entertaining format.



Now available:

Acting and How to Be Good At It: The Second Edition


“You can feel his years of experience on the pages of this book.”

 - Sydney Pollack, Academy Award-winning director


"I well remember our one show together and hope that the fates will bring us back together again one of these days.”

- Delbert Mann, Academy Award-winning director


"It is a wonderful feeling to trust an actor so completely.”

   - Robert Redford Academy Award-winning director


“The book goes beyond the typical and lightweight suggestions that pepper slighter texts, digging deep into familiar concepts. And it’s in those details that the precise, highly literate Hoffman creates a book that reads like an attention-grabbing dissertation on a fascinating subject. He treats acting with a seriousness and respect it isn’t often afforded. It’s obvious he knows his stuff.”

- Back Stage and

Back Stage West